Sky Ridge- A Route Profile of a Classic

People often ask us what are favorite routes are. For me, there are several qualities that make a route special to climb. First and foremost, it has to have good position. Second, the climbing has to be fun. And third, a minimum of hanging belays!

Sky Ridge meets all of the above requirements, but it really appeals to folks who want a great, exposed position. Depending on how you climb it, it is 3-4 pitches and some scrambling to get to the top. If you can climb 5.8 face, and 5.7 cracks, this route is a must do.

The first pitch, pictured below, climbs directly up a rib of rock no wider than a sidewalk, straight from Asterisk Pass. Easy, but exposed, this pitch is just a primer for what is to come.

On pitch 2, the arete climbing begins with a more moderate version of what is to come.

Pictured below, Robert cranks the crux 5.8 pitch on tiny nubbins while looking down the east and west sides of the formation. This is the money pitch.

After a tough stretch of thin face climbing, the belay ledge below the last pitch is a great perch high in the sky on the Smith Rock Group. Here Robert enjoys the view while belaying me, all in relative comfort. That is if you like exposed places!

Ahhhh…..the final pitch. This section of the route consists of an exposed hand traverse in a hand crack. You can see Monkey Face in the background!

All in all, this route is a must do for anyone seeking exposed spectacular climbing. At this time of year, there is a fair amount of shade on the beginning of the climb which makes for comfortable conditions in the summer heat. Come check it out!


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